PAT Testing Service

What is PAT Testing?
The inspection and or testing of all portable electrical appliances to assess their operational safety and the safety of personnel operating the equipment.
You might think that “PAT” stands for Portable Appliance Testing, it actually stands for Portable Appliance Tester referring to the piece of equipment used to test electrical  appliances.



What is tested?


Generally any item of electrical equipment that has a power lead with
a plug that is intended to be connected to the mains electricity supply.  Also fixed items such as hand driers and electrically heated towel rails etc. can be tested***.


Do I need to have testing done?

If your business has employees or your premises has public access where people will come into contact with electrical equipment? Then the answer is yes.

“The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 puts the duty of care upon both the employer and the employee to ensure the safety of all persons using the work premises. This includes the self employed.”


The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states:

"Every employer shall make suitable and sufficient assessment of:

(a) the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which they are exposed whilst at work, and

(b) the risks to ensure the health and safety of persons not in his employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by him or his undertaking."


It is clear that there is a requirement to inspect and test all types of electrical equipment in all work situations and also all premises where the general public have access to electrical equiptment.


Musicians, Bands and Performers


Most venues, pubs and clubs now insist  that musicians, bands and performers have all of there equipment tested prior to being allowed to perform.  


How can Sound IT Services help you?


At Sound IT we believe in quality work carried out by trained staff at excellent value for money. Being an IT support company Sound IT Services knows the correct procedures for testing of all IT equipment so as not to cause damage to it.   All work is carried out to the IEE Code of Practice for In-service Inspecting and Testing of Electrical Equipment 3rd Edition. All equipment tested will receive a clear to read test label stating that it has been electrical safety tested, has had a visual inspection of  cable, plug, fuse and general condition and is safe to use or has failed.   You will receive a test certificate listing all the appliances in your premises stating what tests were carried out on it and if it passed or failed.





What does it cost?


Site visits start from as little as £60.00** including your premises certificate and equipment log, pass or fail labels, changing of fuses to the correct rating, refitting of existing plugs where needed* The removal of plug and clearly marking any failed equipment so it can not be used.

For a quote or site visit please contact or call 0191 2683569.


* New plugs cables etc can be fitted for a small additional charge.

**minimum charge of £60.00 including first fifty appliances then £0.60 per additional appliance after that.
*** Prices for fixed appliences are on an indvidual basis.




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